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Hosting and Hardware How To Articles

Below are a collection of interesting articles on how to solve some of the problems related to our readers.

Apache 2, MySQL 4.1 Alpha and PHP 4.3 on Red Hat Linux 9
This guide will walk you through installing and minimally configuring Apache 2, MySQL 4.1 Alpha and PHP 4.3 on a Red Hat linux 9 machine.

A Lust for Power: In the Fast Lane with Thoroughbred B and nForce2

The most important thing here is to be very patient during the whole procedure/process. Take your time, do lots of research on your specific parts and what others were able to achieve, and you will be rewarded handsomely in the end. It took me about a full week straight in order to stabilize this machine.

Going in to this article, I wanted to give an account of my journey in to the fast lane of computing. On many occasions, I have people asking for help in this area, and I felt that giving such a detailed How-To/Tutorial will please many readers, give insight that I have gained where itís due and also to give everyone the confidence to charge forward, and not be afraid of the unknown.


Security: Secure Remote Administration using SSH and RDP

This article will discuss using an encrypted tunnel mechanism to safely and securely administer your windows environments remotely, and by that same token, locally as well. The concept is much like using a Virtual Private Network, but configuration is very quick and easy to do as compared with setting up a VPN solution.


Internals: Replacing Task Scheduler with Cron

This article will discuss using a Cron type system, as used on Unix and Linux systems, to bring the flexibility, scalability and a need for more out of a task automation tool, to the Win32 environment.

Seach Engine Friendly Low-fi Mod for Invision Power Board

This article will how to mod your power board to be more search engine and wap friendly.

Web Sites Sharing IP Addresses: Prevalence and Significance

This document discusses the prevalence of certain web server configurations and the effects of these configurations on systems used to restrict access to content on the Internet. Before proceeding with data analysis, some readers may want to review the terminology used and the relevant background circumstances.