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Hosting Multiple Domains

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How do you Host Multiple Domains?

Multiple Domain Hosting is hosting that allows you to host more than one domain on the same hosting account. There are a few ways you can host multiple domains:

  • Addon Domains- Addon domains allow you to add a domain to your host and share all resources of your hosting package. With an addon domain you can create a directory within your main hosting account and direct another domain to the directory. This directory can contain separate web pages from your main domain name. Here is a video on how to create an addon domain. The addon domain will allow you to host as many addon domains as your hosting package provides.

  • Reseller Hosting-Reseller hosting is another way to host multiple domains. Unlike addon domains reseller hosting allows the website owner to allocate a separate control panel for each domain. With reseller hosting you also share the total hosting resources but you are able to allocate much more control to each domain.

    Big Blue Host offers both addon domain hosting and reseller hosting