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Where can I find some Podcasting software?

Podcasting is nothing more than audio files streaming online or on your mp3 or digital audio player. Below are some podcasting software links and resources.

Podcast RSS Feed Generator

Perl Podcast Software

  • Podcastamatic - a tool for automating the creation of webpages and feeds for podcasts based on MP3 tags.

Server-Side Software

  • Dircaster - drop this script in a directory and it will generate an podcast feed based off the MP3 files in that directory. To 'cast a new file, simply upload it to the directory containing this script.Requires PHP4 or better.
  • LoudBlog - audioblogging and podcasting software for PHP/MySQL servers
  • MP3feed - free podcasting script for distributing MP3s
  • PodAdmin - a free web-based podcast manager.
  • PodPress - plug-in for WordPress that adds full-featured podcasting support.
  • QnECMS  - (Quick and Easy Content Management System) is a commercial Web content management system that provides the ability to create podcasting as part of its Weblogging feature.
  • Remote Dircaster - auto-generates a podcast XML file, from mp3 files on any ftp server.
  • Widget Podcast - PHP/MySQL software that lets users manage and publish podcasts; supports iTunes.

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