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Zero Tolerance Policy on Phishing June 1st, 2005

  • June 1st, 2005 - Zero Tolerance Policy on Phishing - Set For Immediate Release

  • “Phishing” is the term used when a fraudulent communication or email created to resemble a legitimate request for personal or finical information is sent maliciously attempting to capture personal information to be later used in online identity theft and fraudulent purchases. Often times these phishing attempts are disguised as well known finical institutions such as banks or brokerage firms or well known websites such as eBay or Paypal.

    The Anti Phishing Working Group states that the number of active reported phishing sites has increased from 1,556 in November 2004 to 2,625 in February 2005. That represents a 68.7% increase in the number of active phishing sites in only four months. Phishing is a threat to online privacy and remains a largely unregulated problem at this time. Big Blue Host has declared a Zero Tolerance Policy toward all phishing of any kind.

    We have taken additional infrastructure measures to ensure phishing attempts are caught quickly and mass emails are killed before being sent. We cooperate fully with all anti phishing organizations to help stop this threat to personal privacy online.

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