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Ring Tones

Below are a list of some free ringtones, phone logos including Nokia Ringtones, Ericsson Ringtones. Free mobile ringtones are tones that allow you to change the ring on your mobile phone or cellular phone. SMS stands for Short Message Service is a service for sending messages of up to 160 characters to mobile phones that use Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication.




Motorola V60 Ringtones
This is a forum with a bunch of ringtones for the ever popular v60 series. If you dont know how to add ringtones on your phone, goto menu settings/ring styles/my tones, and you'll see an entry for add new tone.

A huge ringtone site divided by country and broken down by category and genre, choose the composer code for the selected ringtone.

Free SMS

A place where you can send SMS and GMS messages for free to any location worldwide.


A German Ringtone site with a ranked rington page also has logs. 


Compose your own ringtones on your nokia mobile phone. They have ring types from current music hits and movie themes. A huge Ringtone site for your mobile categorized by all major cellular phone manufactures including Motorola, Siemens, Panasonic and Sagem.  Also includes secrets, SMS, SMSCs and phone logos.

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