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Specialty Hosting is the Trend

  • August 19th 2004 - Specialty Hosting is the Trend - Set For Immediate Release

  • In the recent months there has been an increase in requests for multiple domain or reseller hosting. This seems to be the trend as search engine optimization becomes more and more difficult. Niche sites are taking over the landscape and as a result publishers are now more than ever requesting multi domain hosting accounts.

    This information is supported by the record number of new domain registrations in the first half of 2004. Web hosting industry is exploding as the digital real estate of the internet. Hosting providers are becoming digital landlords selling space for website owners to house there site. As a result Big Blue Host a premier web hosting company specializing in specialty hosting has added milti domain and reseller hosting to its product line.

    Due to demand Big Blue Host is offering both limited and unlimited hosting domains with separate control panels as well as personalized name servers. More and more website designers and web owners with multiple websites are using reseller accounts to consolidate all of their web sites and optimize the remaining space by selling it off to friends and clients. It is estimated that a typical web hosting client only uses 20% of the space or resources provided by the host.